• cookbook crushes: september 2015
  • triple chocolate cookies
  • bourbon banana bread
  • crunchy chewy bakery-style sugar cookies
  • angel food cupcakes with whipped cream topping

cookbook crushes: september 2015

Cookbook Crushes-September 2015

I think the best cookbooks are those that not only have reliable and satisfying recipes, but also transport you to another place through the author’s anecdotes and stories. They are the ones you want to flip through in bed like you would your favorite novel! What are you favorites? Here are the books I keep…

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triple chocolate cookies


WARNING: These triple chocolate cookies are for serious chocolate lovers only. They are filled with mouth-coating, fudgy, rich chocolate flavor and are studded with melty, bittersweet chocolate chips and creamy white chocolate chips. There is no subtlety here. These are cookies that need a side of milk, in the best way. Every bite is so deeply chocolatey and they’re basically like fudge in the middle!

bourbon banana bread


An easy mixer-free recipe for moist banana bread spiked with bourbon for a little deep heat. One of the best banana breads I’ve ever tasted and, trust me, I’ve tasted A LOT of banana breads.


crunchy chewy bakery-style sugar cookies

This recipe for crunchy, chewy bakery-style sugar cookies yields cookies with beautiful crackle tops and rich flavor. They are not powdery or cakey and are perfect for everyday nibbling!


brown butter cookie dough dip

Party perfect brown butter cookie dough dip: creamy, sweet, and sprinkled with crunchy chocolate chips and buttery toffee bits. Serve with cookies, graham crackers, sliced apples!