chewy homemade granola bars

Raise your hand if you’re the sleep in until the last minute, get ready quick, eat a grab-and-go breakfast type. Like the “if I wear that thing that needs no ironing, I can stay in bed for exactly 7 minutes more” type. Or even the “eh, shower schmower…I’ll skip for the extra 10 minutes of […]

homemade fresh corn polenta with tomato onion ragout 8

homemade sweet corn polenta with tomato onion ragoût

Odds are you’ve had at least one corn dish so far this summer. Grilled on the cobb, boiled on the cob, off the cobb on a salad, in a salsa, in a pasta dish, Mexican-style smothered in cojita cheese, cayenne and lime (one of my favorite ways)—the options are nearly endless through corn’s summer season. […]

blueberry buttermilk scones with cinnamon sugar butter 7

blueberry buttermilk scones with cinnamon sugar butter

When spending your vacation at a house on the water, you’d better not forget to pack your bathing suit, sunscreen, aloe vera for when you inevitably get burned regardless of the sunscreen, boogie board, frisbee, Stephen King or Emily Griffin novel (pick your poison), kitchen tongs and measuring cups/spoons. You’re probably thinking those last two […]

white bean spinach mushroom egg bake 3

white bean, spinach and mushroom egg bake

This recipe is amazing because it is a one-dish meal and who doesn’t love a one-dish meal? It’s also a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal, a fact that compels me to sing the Bagel Bites “pizza any time” commercial. But seriously, this is a wonderful option under almost any circumstance. You can easily adjust this […]

white carrot muffins recipe 13

white carrot muffins

I’m fairly convinced New York City is home to about every food option you could ever hope for. 4:00 am waffles? No problem! Questionable street meat? You got it! Ten course tasting menu from a world-renowned chef? Well, it’s definitely there if you have a bulky wallet. Even with no farm in sight, this past […]

pina colada ice pops 10

piña colada ice pops

I contemplated calling this recipe “Vacation on a Stick”—it really is! One lick and you’re transported to a cozy mattress in a covered cabana, on a white sand beach with turquoise waters where Bob Marley tunes sway in your ears. Or, in my case, one lick and I’m still sitting on my couch on a […]

brown butter banana bread with crumble 7

brown butter banana bread, with crumble

I’m going to go out on a limb and say no one ever plans to make banana bread. I mean, no one ever goes to the grocery store to pick the brownest, most-speckled bananas on the display for the sole purpose of baking moist, delicious breakfast bread . . . Right? Wrong! Yesterday I found […]

chai tea cake with coconut frosting 18

chai tea spiced cake with coconut frosting (dairy-free, plus vegan optional)

Sometimes my love of baking challenges my sanity. For example, last week I bought five pounds of “vegan buttery sticks.” Am I insane? Why would a girl with a food blog named “butter loves company” be in the Whole Foods check-out line with that much faux-butter? This website is certainly not “vegan buttery sticks love […]

strawberry rhubarb pie 10

my favorite strawberry rhubarb pie

You know those people who know everything there is to know about fresh produce? The ones who can tell you exactly which plant is a perennial versus an annual, which grows better in the shade than the sun and which should be under-watered versus over-watered? The farmer’s market-aficionados who know which is the best time […]

homemade oreos recipe 6

homemade oreo cookies

Here’s the st-Oreo . . . “Milk’s favorite cookie” will forever remind me of days at my friend Maura’s house—a convenient stone’s throw away from my parent’s house—which was always lively and where the Oreos were bountiful. I’d hang out with Maura and her four siblings, possibly after a game of jail break (i.e. chasing […]